How To Get S’more Crafting In Your Life

The s’more. The only dessert whose name describes exactly how you feel about it. The perfect combination of crunch, chocolate and fluffy goodness. THE treat for a campfire under the stars. But sometimes you just don’t want to go to the hassle of putting together an entire fire, and sometimes your stove is electric, and sometimes your past experiences of trying to cook a marshmallow in a microwave haven’t gone so well. So, you have to turn to plan B. For my roommate and I out in LA, this meant roasting our marshmallows on an open flame from a lighter in the middle of our living room and while trying not to set any of our furniture on fire and trying not to think about the chemicals we were consuming as we burned them until they were black. For the perfect alternative, I finally found a way to avoid all of the mess and danger of roasting marshmallows on an open flame. Thanks ~Nifty~ for the idea!

You will need:

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Terra cotta pots (size of your choosing)
Tin foil
Newspaper/cardboard scraps
S’mores fixings (bag of marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers- I used Nairn’s Gluten Free Oatmeal Grahams)
Roasting sticks

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, the rest is super simple. Fill your pots with a layer of tin foil, and add in the charcoal (about 2-3 pieces, depending on the size pot you’re using.) From here, stuff in some newspaper or cardboard around the charcoal- these will help to initially start your fire.

Stick on a marshmallow and roast it over the flame until you get a nice golden brown color (or, if you’re like me, until it’s burnt to a crisp).


Squish your marshmallow between two graham crackers and some chocolate and voila, you’re done! You can keep the pots in storage and reuse them again in the future whenever you get a craving. Easy, simple, DIY craft perfect for personal use or for small get-togethers! You could even set up a s’mores bar for larger parties, the possibilities are endless.

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