Rise N’ Shine Diner’s New Westcott Location Shines Bright

Crying as I write this because this is the place of my dreams. And because it's already been three days since I've been and I desperately want -no, need- to go back for more. Since I was a little girl, I've had my eye set on one thing - to own something entirely of my [...]

Best Places to Eat Outside in Syracuse & CNY

We're finally in the heart of summer. If you're anything like me, you've been waiting for this day since the first snowfall of last year (I'm not exaggerating, I still can't figure out how it's possible to hate a place so much half the year and love it so much the another). While summer means [...]

July Pop-Up Dining at SKY Armory ft. Owera Vineyards

Last week, I got the chance to attend my first Pop-Up Dining at SKY Armory.  ...I mean, when work partners with your favorite vineyard for a food AND wine event, how can you possibly pass that up. Each month, Pop-Up Dining showcases five small plates (four savory, one sweet) paired with featured wines (this month: [...]

I Drank Celery Juice Every Morning For One Week & This is What Happened

I have been trying to write this blog for weeks. But as it turns out (and I should know this by now) planning for and packing for a 2,000 mile trip across country is a pretty stressful thing. My mind has been elsewhere, and it shows. Did you know that 80% of your immunity is [...]

Beer Pairings & Donuts – Girl Scout Cookie Edition

How does one properly pair delicious microbrews with age-old cookies? I know that's the question that's been front and center on your mind, because it's been on mine ever since Empire Farm Brewery announced their Girl Scout cookie beer pairing event. Between Wednesday, March 6 and Sunday March 10 (yes, you still have time!!) at [...]

Macaroon this Valentine’s a Sweet One: Horrible Puns & Last Minute Gifts

  So Valentine's Day is now literally days away. And let's be honest, some of you (guys and girls alike) are half-panicked. Some of you maybe don't believe in the holiday, others have just plain lost track of time. But for those of you who still want to make the evening count, I've got a [...]

Let’s Get Fat & Weird- The Ultimate Cookie Co.

Fat & weird. Exactly what you'll become if you eat enough of these delicious, doughy, baked goods. (I might add, yes I have celiac, no these are not gluten free, do not be fooled. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice for the blog.) I've just been craving a cookie lately. A giant, gooey, fresh out-the-oven [...]

I Signed Up For a Wine Subscription Box & This is What I Thought

Wine delivery services, apparently they're all the rage these days. Actually, delivery services in general are becoming more and more popular. I'll be the first to admit that I hardly ever shop in-store anymore; when Amazon can get you what you need in two days or less for half the price, why would you? Buuuut [...]

Breaking Down Bars: A Review of 8 Protein Bars Marketed as “Healthy”

Protein bars. A convenient snack when you're on the road or a nice blood sugar spike when you're fading fast around 2 p.m. in the office. But as I get more informed about nutrition, the more wary of these bars I become. Many of them contain upwards of 100 fat calories, ingredient names I don't [...]

Pops & Puns

Steel City Pops. Ever heard of them? If you're from the north like me, probably not, since right now the company only operates in Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Kentucky. Baaaasically, Steel City Pops is a family owned company that makes all different flavored, all natural, healthy, gourmet popsicles. Now when I say gourmet, I mean [...]